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Week 6

Hello everyone, this is my sixth report for the ScribeUI project.

Completed this week

  • I fixed a few bugs reported to me by a user this week (Issues #128 and #130)
  • Implemented websockets in a test project using gevent-socketio, but they’re not compatible with apache so it won’t be possible to add them to ScribeUI
  • Improved the export feature by dealing with more unexpected situations

Plan for next week

  • Unfortunatly I wasn’t able to implement websockets as planned last week as the only library I could find for pyramid isn’t compatible with apache. I will have to spend the next week to find another way to display progression to the user, possibly through a log file or using the same method as the mapcache feature.

Blocking issues

  • I had problems with a lack of space on my main partition, which prevented me from testing large exports. I managed to move some directories to a bigger partition so the problem is solved, but it slowed me down a bit
  • Work on websockets was a fun learning experience but it didn’t advance the project

Have a nice weekend, and for those of you in the US a nice independance day!