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Second Update for GSoC2015

Summary of the update

I am releasing today version 1.6, the second update for Google Summer of Code 2015. The main objective of this update was to add map import and export.

Map export

To export a map, select a map in the manager tab and press on the Export Map button. This popup will open:


Pressing on Export will generate a .zip file containing the map files. You can use it as a way to backup your maps or to share them with other users.

Map import

To import a map, go in the manager tab and press the Import Map button. This popup will open:


You can choose a name for the map to be imported, select a .zip file and press import. While the file is uploading, the logs won’t update and the status will stay on “In progress”. It can take a long time if the map is large or if your connection is slow. Once the process is complete, you will see the map in the manager view.


  • Fix #33 - Add map import
  • Fix #51 - Add a WMS Url for each map
  • Fix #67 - Add map export
  • Fix #107 - Fix some comment blocks not working in the Scribe syntax
  • Fix #128 - Fix standard maps not being saved when there are accents in it
  • Fix #129 - Fix includes not being removed when deleting a group on standard maps
  • Fix #130 - Fix name tags having numbers appended to them in the Scribe syntax
  • Fix #131 - Fix VOID keyword appearing with some comments with the Scribe syntax
  • Fix #132 - Fix log files becoming very large
  • Fix #134 - Fix french characters creating internal server errors
  • Fix #135 - Fix import and export fields not emptying after the popup is closed
  • Changed the map debug to use mapserv instead of shp2img


You will need to add a link to your server’s cgi-bin location in the local.ini file, in the [app:main] section. It will probably be very similar to the mapserver.url parameter, so you could place it next to it. The format is

cgi.url =

For example, this is what I had to add to the demo’s local.ini file:

cgi.url =

You can update ScribeUI to v1.6 by using these commands:

sudo chown -R youruser .
git pull
git checkout v1.6
sudo make perms

Plan for the rest of the summer

The last month of this summer will be spent on the data classifying feature. The goal is to provide a way to create a range of classes with different colors from a set of data. You can find more information about the summer’s plan here.