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Week 11

Hello everyone. Here’s my eleventh report for the ScribeUI project.

Completed this week

  • The plugin finds the datasources in the map and lets the user choose between them. Once one is chosen, the plugin fetches the fields for that datasource and lets the user choose between them as well.
  • I added a preview section to preview the classes before adding them to the map
  • Classes generate and are added to the map. Classes are defined either by a simple string comparison, such as “name” = “Canada”, or with numeric values set between bounds. So far, numeric classes are split using equal intervals only.

Plan for next week

  • Add the ability to drag and drop colors to change their order in the color selector
  • Add more ways to split numeric classes
  • Classify using data taken from databases

Blocking issues

No blocking issues this week.

Have a nice week-end!